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Kelsey Blake is a multi-faceted filmmaker whose work is deeply focussed on highlighting the essence and emotion of her subjects. Her intuitive approach to filmmaking, and run & gun shooting style allows her to thrive in real and unscripted environments. Kelsey’s unique perspective of the world helps her to find the beauty in humanity, and hone in on every important detail that makes a story compelling. 


In 2019, Kelsey co-founded a photo and video production company, Found Her Productions, where she was the sole videographer, and responsible for all concept development, creative direction, cinematography, and editing of multiple projects, creating video content for women-owned businesses and artists; each piece tailored to the unique personality of the subject.


In 2021, Kelsey shot and edited a short documentary “The Making of Sawyer Sunset” that was selected and screened as part of the Toronto International Women Film Festival and Toronto Independent Film Festival. 

Kelsey's versatile creative background, which also includes careers in Graphic Design and Photography, have supported her in becoming the detail oriented, high caliber filmmaker she is today. 

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