Why documentary photography is so important today

Documentary photography—similar to lifestyle photography—has existed as long as the art form itself.* But it's also a trend that has come in pretty hot over the last couple of years, and for good reason. With the constant access we all have to cameras and photography in our everyday life, it's never been easier to snap a photo of the moment and share it with the world. We've completely normalized having an insider's perspective of people's lives. I mean, it's super weird when you think about it, but most of us just don't think about it, and almost all of us do it.


Now let's flashback a bit.

Remember a time before tiny cameras lived in our phones and social media was at our constant access? I know, it feels like a lifetime ago. But let's think for a moment about the long-existing concept of professional, posed photography. We've all seen or even experienced this countless times—the subjects; dressed well, pose & smile for the camera in front of their previously selected background setting, and sometimes wearing matching outfits no less. Now, I don't mean to rag on photographers that choose this style, but personally I find it unnatural, maybe even a bit forced, and overall a total cheese factory.

I mean, check out this gem below.

Enter the niche stream of documentary photography.

Professional photography that captures everyday events, in a professional, creative, and accurately composed way.

So why is this so appealing?

Like I mentioned, documentary photography has existed as long as the art form*, but in our current photo climate, it strikes a perfect balance between professional photographer, and everyday, amateur, smartphone Average-Photo-Joe. (that's a mouthful, sorry)

As a photographer myself, I'm a pretty big fan of this style—especially when working with families. As a big time Instagram user as well (ahem, blatant follow promo @kelseyblakecreative) I'm also obsessed with sharing beautiful images of everyday moments with the world.

This style of photography really opens up the creative window. You're not limited to a backdrop, or a scene, or a pose. The best approach for the photographer is to blend into the scene and seem invisible to the subjects. This allows your subjects to feel totally comfortable to simply just be themselves. When doing this, you're given every chance to capture honest moments as they reveal themselves to you. Not only does this offer the opportunity to snag some really well composed photos of these honest moments, but it documents these memories in the most beautiful way.

I'm a mom too, and I understand how valuable this can be for a family.

Feel free to check out my photo work here, as well as a couple of my personal favourite moments below, and you can see exactly what I mean.

That's it, that's all, and a very Happy Friday to you! xx

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