What is a Family Film?

The first time I came across the concept of a family film, I was completely hooked, and knew it was something I absolutely needed to do.

To me, it just seemed like the absolute perfect combination of beautiful things. I've always appreciated film as a form of art, and am a sucker for the emotion it can induce through strong visuals, music, sound, and story. I'm a huge music buff (nerd), with a tendency to get emotional to the sound of a tune I love. I'm also a photographer, a Mom, and a pretty big Instagram user—I love to document everyday things in a creative way. All of these factors added to the value of learning how to create professional video for families. What really did it for me, was the thought of taking the moments that occur on a daily basis between family that seem so simple, but matter SO much. To take those moments and portray them through the most beautiful medium—it just felt really powerful.

My experience working with families so far has been a ton of fun. Ideally, I end up spending 3-4 hours with each family, in order to provide the opportunity to capture the most natural moments and connections between them. This is actually really important with this style of photography and filmmaking. The sessions are not meant to feel rushed or forced in any way. The best moments tend to reveal themselves naturally, and it's important to provide the time to let them unfold. When I'm filming and photographing families, I like to act like a fly on the wall. I also find that families tend to really loosen up around the one hour mark, which is why a long session is pretty critical to the process. Everyone needs the chance to feel comfortable with me in the room snapping photos and video, and once the comfort level increases, this is when I really start to see the honest behaviours and connections occur.

There is something so honest about a family film. It's not only capturing what is happening in the moment, it's capturing the feeling. The sound, the light, the emotion, the tiny details—they all play a role in how we remember these moments. This is what a memory feels like. It really is a beautiful gift for a family to have, and I can only hope that every family I've had the pleasure of filming so far will relive those memories in their films for years to come.

If you're interested in learning more about how the family film + photo sessions work, you can find lots more info here, or always feel free to drop me a line so we can chat all about it. I encourage you to watch the showreel below—it's a great showcase of all of my favourite moments from the families I've worked with so far.

I have to give a big shout out to the very talented Australian photographer + filmmaker Courtney Holmes, and her online courses and community of fantastic filmmakers—The Filming Life Academy. I'm fortunate to have learned from the very best in the industry.

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