The Grind Portrait Series Pt.2—Denizens of Design

I had the greatest pleasure partaking in a double portrait session with the supremely talented Dyonne Fashina of the Interior Design studio Denizens of Design Inc. I had the chance to photograph her working at her studio, in her home, and at one of her job sites.

Dyonne is a Registered Interior Designer with international recognition and experience. Her passion for design began at a young age and is rooted in her love for the arts, fashion, culture, and architecture. She thrives on finding meaningful connections to inspire everyone involved throughout the design process. She designs with compassion for the human experience, creating spaces that are not only thoughtful, but thought-provoking.

The inspiration for the name of Dyonne's business came from her personal connection with the word 'denizens'—a way of life without boundaries. Her interpretation of the term informs her approach to design. The story behind the branding for her business is beautiful and personal. A black and white image of palm trees is used throughout her brand, and hangs on the wall in her home. The image was taken in the 60s by her grandfather of her family's property in the Bahamas. Upon discovering the photo amongst her family's old real estate documents, Dyonne was provided with insight as to the savvy businessman her Grandfather was. He sadly passed when Dyonne was 12 years old, so the discovery of these documents provided her with the connection she needed with him. The photo represents travel and hospitality—the focus of her business and design approach. More importantly, it represents family, something that is near and dear to her heart. This became prevalent when she sported her Grandmother's smock during our photoshoot.

Dyonne is truly a master of her craft. Her keen sense for detail, and her fantastic taste shows through in her work. It was such a joy observing her work process and having some insight into her approach and passion. You can check out Dyonne's beautiful work here, or in the photo collection below. Dyonne and I are working on a video project together to showcase her work, so stay tuned for that!

If you're interested in being featured in The Grind Portrait Series, feel free to give me a shout!

I'd love to chat with you about it.


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