The Grind Portrait Series Pt. 1—Cowlick Hair Salon

The Grind Portrait Series is an idea I've been sitting on, and I'm pretty darn excited to get the ball rolling with it. This photo series will work as a collection of portraits, featuring creative people in their place of work. The purpose is to document the stories of people that have found success in doing what they genuinely love. We're living in a pretty interesting time for creativity. The Gig Economy has allowed many people the option to pursue a profitable career through their creative outlet, which is pretty rad. There's a ton of inspiring success stories out there of folks that have made the hustle work for them.

The Grind Portrait Series will be an ongoing project featuring the people that are crushing it everyday, doing and making stuff they care about.

The first installment features the staff of the Toronto-based hair Salon, Cowlick. This Bloor West salon is a bustling, beauty of a spot, with a super friendly staff to boot.

You can see the collection of photos below, check out Cowlick here, or hit up their Insta here.

Do you want to be a part of The Grind Portrait Series?

Drop me a line and tell me all about what you do! I'd love to chat about it.

Until next time! xx

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