A Motherhood Session—with Kasha + Memphis.

The Motherhood Sessions are very quickly becoming my favourite type of session, by far. The chance to observe another Mom interact with her child, in the most loving way, and then to sit down with her and have a conversation about her experience. The ups and downs, the feelings, the internal thoughts, the effect this wild roller coaster ride has had on herself, her life, and her relationships with others. It's a beautiful and powerful thing.

Something I'm really learning from this experience so far is that even though the deepest darkest moments of Motherhood can feel so hard, nothing overpowers the high moments. It's like, every Mother has been at those low points, time and time again. Whether it's in the middle of the night when she's the most exhausted, tending to her baby—when she'd give anything just to sleep. Or in the midst of dealing with a young child at the peak of an emotional outburst, when her patience is so thin. Or the moments of sincere loneliness, even though she hasn't had a minute to herself since she can remember. Even after all of that, when you ask a Mother to explain what she loves about her child and why, she will beam with adoration for them. She will explode with genuine happiness just at the thought of it. There are fewer things more powerful than that.

This Motherhood session features Mama, Kasha, and her almost 5 month old son, Memphis.

The first time Kasha and I spoke on the phone about her interest in participating in a Motherhood Session, I felt like we connected on such a good level. I really felt she 'got' what I was trying to portray through this work. I was so thrilled when we decided to work together.

Kasha's interview was really special. Her insight on her own life and goals was refreshing. It was obvious to me that she is naturally a self-reflective person, but her ability to articulate her deepest thoughts and feelings was amazing. It's so rewarding to connect with other Mothers in this way.

These were Kasha's words after watching her film:

"So I’ve watched this a hundred times and cried a million tears. You’ve given me something so priceless. I barely have time to think and appreciate small moments. These three minutes brought me so much peace and so much joy. This video reminded me what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Which Is something I realize I need to do for myself much more. Slow down, take time to appreciate each moment. I get to relive this time through your work. Time I otherwise would never get back again. But you’ve made it immortal! You’re a goddess amongst men my friend. Thank you doesn’t even cover the gratitude I have. Truthfully at first I was like “ ugh My voice, ugh I say “like” too much, ugh should’ve done my hair differently. Blah blah blah.  But once I got past the bullshit in my head I got to see authenticity, I got to see transparency and truth framed in the most beautiful and captivating way. I know I will look back on this and be proud of this girl I am now, trying her best to figure her shit out.  

Thank you, Kelsey.  I hope you know how meaningful the work you do really is."

This just about made me melt. It's so great knowing I can provide another Mother with something so valuable. Check out her film and full photo collection below.

If you're interested in booking A Motherhood Session, I would love to hear from you.

Shoot me a message, and we'll go from there.


Kelsey xx

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